Our approach to investing

A holistic approach with the added benefits of the knowledge and resources of our parent company, JDRF.

As a venture philanthropy fund, we approach investment opportunities slightly differently than either a venture capital fund or a non-profit organization:

  1. First, we evaluate if the investment opportunity is in line with our mission: accelerating life-changing solutions to cure, prevent, and treat type 1 diabetes (T1D) through catalytic equity investments.
  2. Second, we look at the likelihood of attracting other investors needed to deliver a product to market.

Our investments and our investors are not limited to just the U.S., but are from across the global community. And we work closely with JDRF affiliates in the UK, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Israel and the Netherlands.

We follow an investment model typical to a $100m venture fund or small corporate strategic fund. All private capital raised is recorded as a charitable donation and receives associated tax benefits at the time of contribution.

Other investment considerations


All investment opportunities are reviewed swiftly on a rolling basis in partnership with JDRF to assure appropriate alignment in strategy. Everything is strictly confidential.


We follow industry standards generally accepted within venture capital.


We invest in all technology types, so long as they are transformational and T1D-focused technology.


We’re stage agnostic and invest in discovery through clinical stage assets.

Financing Structure

We consider traditional and novel investment structures.

If you’d like to know more about our investing guidelines or want to talk to us about contributing, you can contact us here.

Supporting the next generation of T1D technologies

The T1D Fund is JDRF’s front door to all T1D commercial opportunities.

The T1D Fund invests in products and therapies that enable people with T1D, or those at risk of developing it, to lead a more normal and longer life.

We invest in opportunities that can generate returns. Potential for returns on investments is important to attract outside investors and create syndicates necessary to finance T1D opportunities.

As a venture philanthropy fund, neither management nor donors to the T1D Fund receive distributions. Our returns are reinvested back into the Fund so that we can support the next generation of life-changing T1D technologies.