About the JDRF T1D Fund

Driving cures for type 1 diabetes (T1D) by catalyzing private investment.

Why we founded the T1D Fund

There is no other fund like us

In 2015, a group of JDRF volunteers observed that there was virtually no private investment in T1D which was causing a gap between scientific advancements and the delivery of solutions to the people who need them.

Our bold solution was to launch the JDRF T1D Fund—a venture philanthropy fund to create a market in T1D by using our capital and expertise to convince venture capital, biotech and pharma to make the investments needed to cure T1D.

Operating as a separate company, we make compelling investments that stimulate private capital financing, whilst remaining efficient and nimble.



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including T1D

The JDRF T1D Fund

A philanthropic vehicle run as a venture capital fund.

Launched in December 2016, the T1D Fund was established to create a new investment market aimed at delivering solutions to people living with or at risk of developing T1D.

We are now one of the largest disease-focused venture philanthropy funds in the world, with $175m in assets and our philanthropic dollars are spurring private investment to ultimately secure the billions we need to generate cures.

Our portfolio consists of therapeutics, diagnostics, devices and vaccines. We invest with an emphasis on cure-oriented therapies.




The relationship between JDRF and the T1D Fund

The T1D Fund is JDRF’s front door to all T1D commercial opportunities.

With JDRF as our parent company, the T1D Fund has an advantage among investment vehicles. We leverage JDRF’s expertise in T1D research, advocacy and network which assures we invest in the most-promising opportunities for our mission while “de-risking” investments for private investors.

However, JDRF and the T1D Fund are two separate entities, run by separate teams, following separate volunteer governance, and each with a different approach to opportunities.

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