Timothy Clark Elected Chair of the JDRF T1D Fund

Boston, MA – October 19, 2023


The JDRF T1D Fund LLC, a venture philanthropy investment fund focused on curing type 1 diabetes (T1D), has elected Timothy Clark Chair of the Board. Clark’s appointment is a continuation of many years of service with the T1D Fund and succeeds that of Sean Doherty, the T1D Fund’s first Chair.

Timothy Clark and his wife, Tara, are donors to the T1D Fund, and Clark is a founding member of the T1D Fund Board of Directors and the T1D Fund Investment Committee, where he was its chair from June 2017 to June 2020. He is also a former member of JDRF’s International Board of Directors, where he sat on the Executive Committee for 5 years. Tim is a former leader and CIO of CarVal Investors, a global alternative investment manager and a former subsidiary of Cargill, until Sanford Bernstein recently purchased it. He is the President and CEO of Treehouse, a faith-based youth mentoring organization focused on ending hopelessness among teens across the nation.

Ellen Leake, T1D Fund Board Member and Chair of the T1D Fund’s Nominating and Governance Committee stated “Tim’s long history of leadership at the Fund and extensive experience as an investor made him a natural fit for this role. On behalf of the larger patient community, we remain grateful for Sean’s vision as a founder, donor, and first Chair of the T1D Fund.  His years of dedicated service and leadership have catalyzed many needed investments in potential cures for T1D. We look forward to continuing the Fund’s important work under Tim’s leadership.”

“It’s a critical time for companies investing in innovation around type 1 diabetes and the patients impacted by the disease, and given my role as a founding board member, I am steadfast in seeing the Fund’s success bringing cures to the T1D population,” notes Clark on his role. “I look forward to continuing my work with the Fund in this new capacity and remain grateful for the partnership and leadership of our prior Chair, the staff of the T1D Fund, the JDRF International, and our current Board as we pursue our ambitious mission.”

Clark received his M.B.A. with a specialization in Finance from the University of Chicago and a B.A. in Economics and Psychology from DePauw University. Tim and Tara live in Edina, MN where he sits on various investment and finance-related boards and investment committees. He and his wife have been active in JDRF since 2007 when their daughter Melissa was diagnosed with T1D at the age of 12.

Since its launch in 2016, the T1D Fund has invested in more than three dozen companies and grown assets under management to approximately $200 million. Through these investments, the T1D Fund is demonstrating to donors, venture capitalists, institutional investors, foundation capital sources and the pharmaceutical industry that attractive, impactful investment opportunities exist in T1D.


About the JDRF T1D Fund

The JDRF T1D Fund (www.t1dfund.org)  is the largest single disease-focused venture philanthropy fund in the world, with more than $200m in assets intended to spur private investment to accelerate life-changing solutions to treat, prevent, and cure type 1 diabetes (T1D). Since its launch in 2016, the T1D Fund has invested in more than three dozen companies with a portfolio consisting of therapeutics, devices and vaccines, with an emphasis on investment in cure-oriented therapies.  In nurturing a pipeline of next-generation novel opportunities in T1D, the Fund works in partnership with private capital, including venture capital, corporations and foundations. The T1D Fund invests in areas strategically aligned with JDRF and the Helmsley Charitable Trust, the leading global organizations funding T1D research and working to change the lives of those who live with, or at risk of developing, T1D. The T1D Fund is managed by a dedicated team of investment professional team, and all realized gains are re-deployed into new investments aligned with its mission to cure T1D.

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