Sean Doherty Speaks at TEDx Boston On Reimagining Philanthropy to Drive Cures

October 25, 2022

Chairman of the JDRF T1D Fund, Sean Doherty shares how the Fund has reimagined philanthropy to drive cures and catalyze an investment market for T1D.

Prior to 2016, T1D had historically lacked meaningful commercial cure investment, despite research that suggests it is curable. A group of parents came together with a shared vision for accelerating ground breaking research and cure development by convincing small biotech companies, their venture capital funders and ultimately pharma companies to take ownership of the problem. Using a traditional investment mindset, the Fund has created an investment market that was almost not existent a decade prior. Since its launch, the T1D Fund has helped bring in over $640 million in outside capital, invested in 30 companies with $175 million assets under management.

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Reimagining Philanthropy to Drive Cures